fake gamer boys … i bet the only thing you play is halo


do you ever hear the intro theme to a video game and you get really emotional and your heart feels really weak like it’s coming back home and it’s basically like that whole world you love so much summed up into one epic song and you just want to fucking cry a lot because this is the video game for you and nothing else ever can even compare to the feeling you get when you hear that one fucking bit of music


For me this was that one moment of relief in the story. Ellie is clearly suffering from some form of post-traumatic stress after her near-death encounter with David. Joel is trying (and failing) to re-connect with her. It’s always go go go go, all the happiness has been sucked out of the world. At previous times Ellie would try and bring that good back and Joel simply dismisses or brushes it off with a “stay focused.” Everyone you meet is on edge, pissed off, tired, or out to kill you. So in this one moment. This one scene. You could just take a breath and appreciate the good that IS out there. And it comes at such an emotional peak. This is my favorite moment in the game easily. And what a game it is.

"The way I see it,  Ellie totally knows he is lying. I think in that moment she is like ‘Okay, this is one person that cares about me enough to kill off the rest of humanity and just be like you know what? I love you, you’re my  family now.’ So in that moment he swears she is like… okay, let’s do this. I accept what you say, I accept your bullshit”  

- Ashley Johnson

The Last of Us + The Little Things

The Last Of Us in comic book form - Ellie

And I sure as hell ain’t your dad.